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Social Cannabis

Loneliness - There's something about sitting at a campfire alone. I had to correct myself just typing it I said sitting around a campfire. Which you can't do if there's no one with you. It's a sad sight to see a lonely single soul gathering heat during a cold brisk night with only the flicker of light to hold a conversation with. Even the mundane chatter of weather or sports would bring some warmth to a racing mind. 

Surrounded by lake life, up in the trees birds gather for warmth and endless unknown creatures lurk around in the dark yet still human to human contact is needed for even the most antisocial person. I am one of those antisocial <-> social cannabis people. For many years I found myself lonely knowing I was missing a home, a place where everyone knows my name and was excited to see me, much less accept me as I am. 

For many this is a building they call a church but in reality Jesus is the accepting one the people in the church rarely seem to accept those who aren't alike. If they do it's not for long. I spent my childhood in 2 different Christian Schools and typically every Sunday in Sunday School and "Grown up" church service. Most people came, sat down didn't engage and weren't happy to be there. They hurt physically and emotionally and came not to be judged but to find a ray of hope, some grace and just maybe a little healing. 

Enter Social Cannabis for the win, but...

Rarely are these the solutions provided by religious people. Enter Social Cannabis where the friendliness of acceptance is at the front door. Enter problem number two you have to know someone to find someone to know. Anti-social people have a hard time connecting to something they don't know about. 

Enter problem number three the war on drug users. Most people want to be social, but have become antisocial because they fear judgement from family, friends and the government for their alternative lifestyle or method of pain, stress and energy management. This has improved a little but not a day goes by, a Cannabis user doesn't think about the legal issues. Even though study after study and state after state decriminalizes the Feds double down.

Even in decriminalized areas local laws for businesses are so poorly written, enforced being based on fear not science. Business owners spend their days praying the government doesn't shut them down over countless unreasonable rules and taxes. 

Meet Social Cannabis is about telling these stores and connecting those isolated. You are not alone.

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