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Jeremy J. Benisek

Trevor Taylor

Co Founder/COO The District 8

Having Jeremy on your team is a game changer! His uncanny ability to leverage his vast array of IT knowledge with all things business, has allowed us to approach industry problems from a whole new angle. His commitment and dedication to helping us achieve our goals is greatly appreciated.

Kim Whittaker
President BioConsulting Partners

Jeremy has been my IT consultant and computer guru since I started my business - which is heavily dependent on computers. He is super responsive, relentless in tracking down answers and just a great person to work with. I recommend him for any IT, computer, networking issue and he's also a great solution finder for how to effectively market your business online.

Is email better?

Chief Technology Officer

Hundreds of successful, under budget, on-time projects over 20 years of field experience.

Specialist in:

  • New startups, the earlier the better.

  • Design and Project management

  • Process, SOP and standards development

  • Physical, digital risk and threat analysis

  • Expert Problem solver and fixer

  • 30% Technology cost reduction for startups.

  • Executive technology firewall and owners rep

  • Advanced analyze and charting

Ability + Experience = Results

Don't Panic Business Technologies is a one-stop-shop for all your technology, security and many other consulting needs. Since 2000, I’ve provided tailored consulting services to clients large and small. From expert guidance on crucial matters to strategic advice on important decisions by bringing a logical and experienced voice to the table.


Complexity and the ability to learn and understand large thousand foot executive views of cost and risk down to each employees role and specialty. Many projects include working up to six month at different roles writing SOPs, fixing problems and optimizing the process for cost, employee retention and risk reduction. With advanced ability, proven results and the experience needed to master and cost effectively help solve the reasons for your sleepless nights. 

Call or Text now!

Free Business and Cost Reviews


At Don't Panic Business Technologies, I’ll work with you to create a tailored plan of action to help drive the results you want for yourself or your business. As a leading Information Technology Consultant in Grand Junction, I’m here to help you reach your goals by providing you with the personalized attention you need. Contact me today and see how I can help.

Mark Ryan
Owner, Redstone Veterinary Hospital

Jeremy was instrumental as we did the basics when we built our new clinic, five years ago. How to hardwire, how many computer stations, when we switched to a different software. And he still contributes and we consider him a part of our team. My own IT IQ is sub-Neanderthal so it is important to have Jeremy in our corner watching out for us.
Thanks Jeremy!

Dion Plsek
Field Engineer

Jeremy has been an important partner in the growth and expansion of our company. Our corporate structure and demands have changed somewhat, but he continues to be an expert resource for IT needs and business solutions. He brings an enthusiastic and positive attitude to the workplace and typically offers creative and cost-effective solutions.

Small Business Plans you can afford

For Business Consulting and On-Call Support

Call 970-210-6626


As an owner, project manager or investor you need custom designs and fresh ideas fast without the hassles of a print shop or someone from China 

Located in Western Colorado we accept limited projects at a time and put 100% of our attention into every project we work on.

This isn't a factory we make custom one of a kind designs and products working directly with you.

Product Design

Most Shoots are $200

+ travel if out of Mesa County, Colorado

Unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads or others these views are after clicking the location. They are already qualified customers looking for directions or shopping their options. Treat these as likes or clicks. 

Google charges $.50 to $10 for any click.

Plans start at $150/Month

Meet your customers where they are heading.


Get in front of your customers on their way to the store. Low cost, verifiable results and I do all the hard work. You just provide some swag and sample products.

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